Necklace Beading Instructions

  •  Using hole punch, cut out images for circle pendant. (Smaller orders pendants already cut out)


  • To place image circle inside pendant tray, have student glue  (just a tiny 1/4" dab in centre) the back of the circle, then place in pendant tray, running thumb around the outside of the circle to ensure solid placement in the pendant tray. (hands should be clean!)  For younger students, teachers will complete this task for the student.

  • For beading portion, instruct students they are expected to make a pattern, not randomly choose beads.

  • Emphasize to students to incorporate texture, shape, size and colors that are aesthetically pleasing. 

  • Discuss various pattern possibilities (ABC, AABC, ABBC, etc)

  •  Teacher’s decision, of course, but far less beads are spilled  if students point to the beads and teacher hands them out. 


Suggested bead numbers:

  • K               2  bead choices

  • Gr 1-3      3 beads

  • Gr 4 -6     4 beads

  • Have student lay out complete

       pattern of beads along the outside

       perimeter of plate (turned upside     

       down!) Place pendant in middle.

  • Encourage students to use the silver

       beads (makes the jewelry piece


  • ​Older students can include further complexity with color theory. ie can choose beads according to a theme (warm/cool, complementary, analogous etc.)

  • After beads are strung, teacher will make the finishing loops: To make the  two loops, grip the end of the memory wire in the nose of your round-nose pliers and hold very firmly. Rotate your wrist towards your body, forming a loop in the wire. Note: for younger students, you may want to temporily tape the one end of the wire so the beads don't fall off when child is stringing the beads.















Finally, cut out the "handmade with love" tags, attach to the pin then to the necklace!

NOTE:   The finished necklace simply rests on the neck, the loops do not link together to form a clasp. Instruct students to place necklace around neck and not put over the top of his/her head (could get stuck in student's hair :) 

layout pattern first.jpg