Bracelet Beading Instructions

  • Teacher pre-preps by  making a loop on one end of the wire ahead of time (will make second loop after beads placed by student) to secure the charm. Instructions below)

  • For beading portion, instruct students they are expected to make a pattern, not randomly choose beads.

  • Emphasize to students to incorporate texture, shape, size and colors that are aesthetically pleasing. 

  • Discuss various pattern possibilities (ABC, AABC, ABBC, etc)

  •  Teacher’s decision, of course, but far less beads are spilled  if students point to the beads and teacher hands them out. 


Suggested bead numbers:

  • K               2  bead choices

  • Gr 1-3      3 beads

  • Gr 4 -6     4 beads

  • Have student lay out complete

       pattern of beads along the outside

       perimeter of plate (turned upside     



  • Encourage students to use the silver

       beads (makes the jewelry piece


  • ​Older students can include further complexity with color theory. ie can choose beads according to a theme (warm/cool, complementary, analogous etc.)

  • After beads are strung, teacher will make the finishing loops: To make the final loop and place charm, grip the end of the memory wire in the nose of your round-nose pliers and hold firmly. Rotate your wrist towards your body, forming a half loop in the wire. Place the charm on, and finish the loop.



















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