Aboriginal Theme
Our DIY bead kits come with everything you need:


- 4 online lesson plans (for K - Grade 6)  

- supplies/beads/tools for students to make first nations necklace

Prices include taxes & shipping

  • 40 - 80 students $6.99 per student

  • 81 or more students  $5.99 per student

Here's what your kit includes:

- minimum 11  bead colors (variety of colors for students to make unlimited designs!) Larger orders 18 bead choices.

- wire necklace loops

- blank pendants

- beading tray plates

-  symbolic animal images for pendant

- round hole punch (for cutting out images)

-'Handmade with Love' tags and fasteners

- Pliers


Here's what the lessons are about:


Consists of learning about first nations symbolic animals. Each animal represents and symbolizes human traits, personality and values. (Note: A variety of activities and exercises are available  where students identify their symbolic animal for the characteristics they most identify with (full online instructions included with the lesson plans). 



First Nations teaching and discussion. Students engage in an interactive discussion on traditional and contemporary Aboriginal arts and arts-making processes. This includes the history of beads in  Aboriginal traditions, cultural and spiritual significance of beadwork as well as materials,  patterns, techniques and symbolic meanings. 


Beading activity – students make their beaded pendant project. For older students, further complexity is incorporated with color theory.


Homework. Students take their beaded project home along with symbolic animal descriptions and have parents input and discussion with child. Parents can use the qualities of symbolic animals to expand on characteristics they see in child (based on animal traits). This is a positive opportunity for the parents to confirm the child’s qualities inherent in the child as well as to identify areas where child will want to expand his/her capacities.


In the 4 lesson plans, students will learn about:

First Nations:

  • traditional and contemporary Aboriginal arts and arts-making processes

  • history of beads in First People’s traditions

  • cultural and spiritual significance of beadwork

  • materials,  patterns, techniques and symbolic meanings 


Math (Math 1 used as an example)

  • Identifying sorting rules

  • Repeating patterns with multiple elements/attributes

  • Investigating numerical patterns

  • Beading using 3-5 colors


Social Studies

  • First Nations, Cultural Awareness & Diversity


Visual arts:

  • Elements of design: line, shape, space, texture, colour, form

  • Principles of design: repetition, contrast, emphasis

  • Explore elements, process, materials, movement, technologies of the arts

  • Develop processes and technical skills in a variety of art forms to nurture motivation, development and imagination

Creative Thinking (core competency)