First People`s Competencies

  • traditional and contemporary Aboriginal arts and arts-making processes

  • history of beads in First People’s traditions

  • cultural and spiritual significance of beadwork

  • materials,  patterns, techniques and symbolic meanings 

Math (Math 1 used as an example)

  • Identifying sorting rules

  • Repeating patterns with multiple elements/attributes

  • Investigating numerical patterns

  • Beading using 3-5 colors


Social Studies

  • First Nations, Cultural Awareness & Diversity


Visual arts:

  • Elements of design: line, shape, space, texture, colour, form

  • Principles of design: repetition, contrast, emphasis

  • Explore elements, process, materials, movement, technologies of the arts

  • Develop processes and technical skills in a variety of art forms to nurture motivation, development and imagination


Creative Thinking (core competency)