Reviews from Teachers:

"We all learned a great deal from you today and the children were pleased with their treasures all day long.

I would recommend this workshop to others as it connected to many areas of the BC curriculum.  Of course it ties in with the objectives of Visual Arts but also in Social Studies (First Nations, Cultural Awareness & Diversity), Math (patterns), Science (how a bead is made and what can it be made of) and certainly it was a great community builder.

The materials you brought made it exciting and practical.  The variety of beads gave the children lots of choice for their creations.  The trays not only kept the students organized but showed them a practical way to make patterns with such small objects.

When you were teaching the class at a the carpet area, the balance of information and clear directions were perfect.  Each child was immediately hooked in after the introduction so I applaud the way you delivered the presentation.  Your directions were succinct and gave the children room to express their own individualism.  My favourite thing in this workshop is the way you talked about creativity and how important it is.  

Thank you for sharing your talent and skill with us at False Creek Elementary."                                                                                                                                        

- Ms. Hill, False Creek Elementary

"Pamela put on a very creative, fun, and educational beading workshop for students in grades 4-7 at our school. The students really enjoyed the hands on nature of it! The workshop was well organized, and worth the money. Pamela did a very good job of including aspects of the new curriculum with respect to First Nations studies."

- John Nyznik McCloskey Elementary

"Thanks so much for the Beading Workshop. The kids REALLY enjoyed it. During the workshop, every single student, including those who needed extra help with their behaviors, was extremely engaged. After we came back from the workshop, all kids were excitedly sharing their most fun parts--a variety of colorful beads, design of the beads, charms, design of bracelet wires, wrapping bag, and even their working plates. During the Show &Tell time, every kid proudly showed his/her bracelet again and explained why certain beads were chosen to make certain patterns. Most of the kids couldn't wait to wear them for the rest of the day while a few told me they would keep the bracelet in the beautiful plastic wrapping bag you provided as they look like they just bought them for parents! Thanks so much Pamela for providing kids with such a great opportunity for them to feel proud, successful and creative.  We will definitely invite you next year."

- Catherine Feng SD43

"We thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and the information provided, and the kids loved making the bracelets. Pamela was well organized and spoke with eloquence on the cultural significance of beads and beading as a decorative art for first nations people, I learned some new things as well....always the sign of a good presentation when there is something for everybody."

 -  Kirsty Gourlay Montessori Guide at McKinney Elementary

"Gem Veranda beads is just one wonderful activity for your boy or girl, it just fits perfectly.  It not only enhances the child's innate creativity but also develops one's fine motor skills in the beading process.  My Grade Two class were delightfully immersed threading, sorting and making colorful patterns to their project.  They enjoyed every single minute of the program.  A total package rolled in one!  I would recommend this to anyone."  

 -  Mrs. Lamasan, St. Anthony's School West Vancouver

"Pamela's bracelet making workshop was a great experience for myself and the students of my Grade 1 class.  I appreciated the aboriginal perspective that she included in the class discussion.  Pamela came prepared with the all the necessary materials and plenty of diverse beads and charms that could be used to create jewelry for mothers, fathers, friends, and other family.  I really enjoyed seeing the students work and focus so intently during the bracelet making process, and even more the look on their faces when they reached the finished product.  This is a workshop that I would happily book again for another occasion."

- Genina Sanico, Lady Fatima Elementary

“I felt so proud of myself making my bracelet. I never used to think I was any good at art. Making the

bracelet was fun and now I know I really can be good at this !”

 Grade 2 boy Our Lady of Mercy Elementary School, Burnaby 


Pamela Dennison, founder of Gem Veranda, is a local business owner and has been working with children and making jewelry for over 20 years.  We have a second location in Kelowna.