Bracelet 60 minute class incl. 10 min interactive aboriginal learning session (no pre-activity)

Necklace 45 minute class incl. 10 min interactive aboriginal learning session PLUS  pre-activity  consisting of access to 4 lesson plans.

Class time will be used prior to workshop where students will learn about symbolic animals and their characteristics and qualities and are given age appropriate activities to complete. Please note, this is a special project to take place in class prior to workshop and without the input of Gem Veranda. It is however an important learning component as students learn even more about  First Nations customs and traditions.


Bracelet or Necklace

$9  per child 6 or more same day classes

$11 per child 1-5 same day classes


DIY Teacher Kits

Prices include taxes and shipping

20-40 students $8.00 per child

41 -80 students  $6.50 per child

81 or more students  $5.50 per child

DIY Teachers Kits come with everything you need, 4 lessons plans, beads, bead trays, pliers, etc.


Consists of learning about first nations totem animals. Each animal represents and symbolizes human traits, personality and values. Students choose a variety of activities and exercises (depending on grade) where they identify their totem animal for the characteristics they most identify with (full instructions included with the lesson plan) eg Wolf - A symbol of great strength the wolf is considered wise, powerful, and persevering. Known for its strong family ties, the Wolf shows intense loyalty with a balance of independence.



First Nations teaching and discussion. Students engage in an interactive discussion on traditional and contemporary Aboriginal arts and arts-making processes. This includes the history of beads in First People’s traditions, cultural and spiritual significance of beadwork as well as materials,  patterns, techniques and symbolic meanings 



Beading activity – students make their beaded pendant project. For older students, further complexity is incorporated with color theory



Homework. Students take their beaded project home along with totem animal descriptions and have parents input and discussion with child. Parents can use the qualities of totem animals to expand on characteristics they see in child (based on totem animal traits). This is a positive opportunity for the parents to confirm the child’s positive qualities inherent in the child as well as to identify areas where child will want to expand his/her capacities

Prices include taxes 

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