How the Workshops Work!


Bracelets - no aboriginal pre-activity provided (instruction still takes place at workshop)

Necklaces: aboriginal pre-activity provided as well as class instruction (see below for more info)


At time of booking, school provides Gem Veranda with schedule of classes. Workshops for bracelet classes take 1 hour and necklaces take 45 minutes.

Workshops are generally held in a multipurpose room or library.


15 minutes prior to start of workshop, Gem Veranda workshop leader will check in at front desk and be directed to the appropriate room. The room must be set up ahead of time with tables arranged. Chairs are not needed. A separate table is also needed for placement of beading trays.

​Students are brought to the designated room and instructed to sit down in an area specified by the instructor. Students are given an entertaining and educational 8-10 minute interactive talk on the history of beading and how it relates to the cultural tradition of aboriginal peoples.

Necklace Project: If necklace project has been chosen, an educational sheet describing the various symbolic characteristics and qualities of the animals is emailed to teacher prior to workshop.


Class time will be used prior to the day of workshop where students will:

- Older students read the animal descriptions and choose their symbolic animal they identify with the most for its qualities/characteristics.  Students can write an essay or share in class or group reasons for their choice. (full lesson plan will be provided).

- For younger students not yet reading, teacher can use projector to display animal images (will be supplied). Students can paint or draw a picture of the animal they identify with demonstrating the action or value of the symbol.  ie bravery.  Students can also color images of totem animals (images will be provided)


Please note, this is a special project to take place in class prior to workshop and without the input of Gem Veranda. It is however an important learning component as students learn even more above first nations customs and traditions and relate it to their lives on character qualities they want to develop.

If bracelet project chosen, no special prior preparation is required.

Each student is provided with a beading tray and various beading materials. Each jewelry piece comes with an tag attached for child to write their name on their project.

School helpers are integral to the workshop experience. When volunteer Grade 5 and 6 students  help K-2 students complete their project, they continue to learn valuable leadership skills.