In our educational, creative and FUN

classes, principals and elements of design

are taught and embedded in the design of the

beading project. Class  instruction and

sophistication of beading is varied according

to the learning needs of each grade.


  • Two types of jewelry projects are available and chosen prior to workshop: necklace or bracelet.

  • Unlimited design choices, we bring an amazing array of bead colors & charms in colors that appeal to both boys and girls.

  • Students create and take home a bracelet or necklace that they have proudly made themselves!

  • Workshops are 60 minutes for bracelet and 45 minutes for necklace. All workshops are held in a common room (eg library, multipurpose, etc.)

On day of workshop, a Gem Veranda instructor will attend your school and quickly set up beads, supplies and teaching materials.  


$9  (incl. tax) per child 3 or more same day classes

(bracelet or necklace)

school craft workshop march.jpg